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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fish Leong Bugis Junction 13 Mar 2011 Sunday 4pm

Fish Leong is coming to Singapore!

Venue: Bugis Junction
Date: 13 March 2011, Sunday
Time: 4pm

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pls look out for any changes and read about Leong below this ad.

Early life Of Fish Leong

"Leong was born in Malaysia and grew up in Bahau, a small town near Seremban. Her real name is Leong Chui Peng (Chinese: 梁翠萍; pinyin: Liáng Cùipíng). She started her career as a cover version singer at Hai Luo Music Cafe. Z-Chen is her cousin.

In her youth, Leong had participated in many local singing competitions and emerged as the winner in a few of them. Veteran singer Jonathan Lee discovered her during a singing competition at Hai Luo. She was then singing a song called Qī Dài (期待) which was composed by her friend.

Fish Leong's Professional Career

She started her career in Taiwan, in October 1997, after joining Rock Records of Taiwan. It was then that she adopted the name "Fish", because the last character of her name "茹" sounds like "fish" (魚) in Cantonese.

Her debut album Yí Yè Zhǎng Dà (一夜長大) was released after two years, only to encounter an earthquake on the day of the album launch promotion (21 September 1999). Her career only managed to take off after the successful launch of her second album Yǒng Qì (勇氣), which means courage. The hit song "Courage" about courage in love and especially in forbidden relationships.[1] From then on, Leong has continued to sing love songs about the different stages of relationships, from first love in "Quiet Summer" to life after a breakup in "Happy Breakup" (分手快樂).

Friendship is also recursive within her songs. Leong has enjoyed collaborations with prominent Chinese songwriters and producers, such as Leehom Wang and Ashin of Mayday, the latter being her fellow labelmate. She has also sung duets with fellow Malaysians and labelmates, Guang Liang, Pin Guan and Yu Heng. Her albums have been best-sellers in the East Asia region, including Singapore and Taiwan, where she is based.

Since making her debut in 1999, Leong has released ten solo albums. Her best-selling album The Power of Love had sold in excess of 1.5 million copies in Asia, including more than 300,000, 35,000 and 40,000 copies in Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore respectively. Wings Of Love, her seventh and double-platinum album, topped Singapore’s RIAS sales chart for two weeks and remained within the top 15 positions for more than two months.

Her Silk Road album in 2005 had sold 1 million copies in Asia. At the Singapore Hits Awards 2003, she was crowned the Best Female Vocalist. In 2004, she was presented with the Regional (Malaysia) Most Popular Singer prize at the same event. In 2005, she won the Most Popular Female Singer and Regional (Malaysia) Most Popular Singer awards. Her 2006 album "Kissing The Future Of Love" was a hit and topped the Mandarin charts for weeks. A year later, the same feat would be achieved with her 2007 album   ' j'Adore. '... "

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