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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Recruitment Ads | Employment Ads | Singapore

Recruitment ads are essential tools for employment agencies to hire suitable candidates for open positions in Singapore. 

There are a handful of places in Singapore where an employment agency can easily place their recruitment ads. 

Examples include Straits Times classifieds, online job portals or their own company website. 

There are also alternatives where employers  can position their recruitment ads.

Here are some suggested solutions. You can post your recruitment ads at notice boards in Singapore below:

1) HDB Blks near Admiralty Mrt
Blks 708 to 743 (36 notice boards) suitable for recruitment , rental, tuition, small biz ads

Notice Board under a HDB Blk near Admiralty 

2) HDB Blks near Sembawang Mrt
Blks 300 to 318 & 350 to 354D  (38 notice boards) 

suitable for recruitment , rental, tuition, small biz ads

Notice Board under a HDB Blk near Sembawang  

3) HDB Blks near Yishun Mrt
Blks 150 to 161 & 201  to 226  (36 notice boards) 
suitable for recruitment , rental, tuition, small biz ads

Notice Board under a HDB Blk near Yishun

4) Commercial Buildings next to JCube
Jurong East Gateway Rd Blks 130 to 135  (8 notice boards)                     
suitable for recruitment , rental, tuition, small biz ads 

Notice Board at Jurong East Gateway Rd next to Jcube

5) Bus-Stops along Jurong West Ave 1 & Jurong East Ave 1.  
(16 notice boards) suitable for recruitment , rental, tuition, small biz ads

Notice Board of a Bus Stop along Jurong East Ave1

6) Cold Storage / NTUC Finest Classifieds Boards
suitable for recruitment , rental, tuition, small biz ads

Notice Board at Cold Storage

7) Online Classifieds  (10 to 12 sites)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Writing & Posting Recruitment Ads in Singapore

Effective Recruitment Advertising 

The Recruitment Advertisement  

Very often, most advertisements for recruitment hold back more than they should tell, don't advertise the position, fail to point out the benefits and, more often than not, don't provide the pay details. 

The idea behind effective recruitment advertising is to "seek out  right candidates, take out the wrong ones" 

In your recruitment ad, you should apply the same method a retailer uses to attract potential customers to buy or find out about his/her product. 

Few things your recruitment ad must do: 

  1. Communicate directly to the prospective candidate. 
  2. Develop interest in the position that captivates the candidate to read on. 
  3. Develop a desire to say, "This job looks good," or "This job suits me," or "I must find out more about this job" .
  4. Provide visible benefits of the job and explain why working for the company is the best option.
  5. Explain essential conditions and salary plus expected outcomes  
  6. Provide contact number or email to call in.
  7. Place the ad at areas where your candidates will look at your ad.

Write more effective copy (get their attention) 
Start with a benefit headline or a commanding, interesting attention-getter like: 
• Here are 2 reasons why you should join our crew
• Show us your tested ability in sales and marketing 
• Highly Wanted! ... a capable research assistant who wants to contribute to our development 

Pictures attract the eye, so if you have a logo, use it. 
• A diagram of the job makes it easier for the right candidate to identify with the job position. 

Here are a few examples of our customers ads posted on notice boards:



                 RECRUITMENT AD EXAMPLE 3

Urgent! Warehouse Assistants Wanted - 38 Positions!
  • Fit & Able Body
  • Fast Worker
  • Endure Hardships
  • With or Without Experience
  • 6 Days Work
  • Singaporeans/ Malaysians Welcome

Interested Candidates, Call In

Monday, July 2, 2012

Recruitment Flyer Ads on Singapore Notice Boards

Very often a recruitment or an employment agency will need
to seek out many suitable candidates for a particular job position 
in Singapore.

How do the job agency go about doing it?

Usually most of my clients advertise through posting their ad
or flyers on newspaper classifieds or notice boards in Singapore.

Occasionally we help to post their ads on online classsified ads.

After posting, there are calls coming in .

If you require assistance to design and post your flyers, pls sms to 9066 0350.

Thanks for viewing.

Some of the recruitment agency ads below:

Recruitment Ad for Warehouse Assistants

Recruitment Ad for Counter Crews

Recruitment Ad for Tele-Marketer

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bed Bug Smoke Canister

Bed Bug Smoke Canister
Click images below to enlarge:

Operating Instructions of bed bug smoke canister


Diagram instructions

 Items inside the plastic box

  • Initiator     (white bag)
  • Round tin  (in aluminum package)

Round Tin 

Bag of liquid outside the bed bug smoke canister

Instructions steps to operate bed bug smoke canister

Tear open the white bag 
Pour the contents of pink liquid into the empty plastic container

Make sure the holes on top of the round tin are 'poked' before inserting into plastic container

Insert the round tin with the holes of the red paper facing upwards into the plastic container filled with pink liquid

Close the plastic container with the cover
(warning: chemical reaction is now taking place, and container is getting hot!)

After around 2 minutes, round tin will emit thick white smoke from the plastic container 
(warning:  Do not touch ! Container is now HOT!)

Leave the room immediately and close the door behind you
(warning:  container will be hot!)

Come back only 2 hours later.

Ventilate the room for 30 minutes before re-enter.