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Friday, June 24, 2011

Career Decision Study Survey for NTU Students Till 8 July 2011

Event: Career Decision Study
Dates: 28 June to 8 July 2011

Pen-and Paper Questionnnaire on following 5 areas:
  1. Career Aspirations
  2. Vocational Interests
  3. Familial Infuences
  4. Personality
  5. Values
Duration : 60 minutes (approximately)
Reward: SGD$10 upon completion of study
Venue: HSS Seminar Room [6]  (HSS-01-04)
HSS: School of Humanities and Social Sciences (near the Chinese Heritage Center)

28, 29 , 30 June 2011 (Tues to Thurs)
1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 July 2011 ( Fri to following Fri)

1000 - 1100 hrs
1110 - 1210 hrs
1220 - 1320 hrs
1430 - 1530 hrs
1540 - 1640 hrs

Register for your session at
NOTE: For NTU Students Only!

Jurong Bird Park Admission Offer Till 17 July 2011

Saw a bunch of men promoting birds show at Orchard Central last week!!

The man who gave me the flyer todl me if I present this flyer at the entrance of
Jurong Bird Park, I'm entitled to 30% off admission fees.

Valid till 17 July 2011.

~cool... off to see the birds!

Captain Bird!

New Electronic Notice Board

Front of Flyer: 30% discount admission till 17 Jul 2011 !

Back of Flyer: 30% discount admission till 17 Jul 2011 !

Do Not Cross Diagonally Under Nanyang Flyover

Recently there was a poster displayed at NTU Hall 2 Notice Board
warning road users not to cross diagonally across Nanyang Flyover.

Warning of pedestrains crossing diagonally under The Nanyang Flyover

conditions of Nanyang Flyover  just before office hours are over

VIDEO of Pedestrains crossing diagonally under Nanyang Flyover
(NOTE: wrong example!)

Say No to Scratch and Win Scams Near City Square Mall

Despite banners warning commuters of scams been installed at City Square Mall (Johor) for quite sometime but there're still people, especially Singaporeans fallen for these Scratch and Win scams .

banners put up to warn of "scratch and win" scams near the CIQ

banner put up to warn of "scratch and win" scams near the bridge at Jalan Wong Ah Fook

I was almost a victim of such a scam when I was approached by two bubbly and slightly obese enthusiastic Malaysian ladies after my lunch at Jalan Wong Ah Fook last month.

Scammers operating at the bridge at the other exit of City Square Mall to Jalan Wong Ah Fook
(sample picture only, the persons in this picture are not the scammers)

They requested if I can help them to "tear away" their coupons as there's an ongoing electroncis exhibition fair promotion at the ground floor below and i stand to win some great prizes back home.

The 2 ladies have stood here very long for someone like myself  to come by and tear so that they can collect their commisions if I do not want to keep the coupons.

As expected the prize I've got is something like "Thank You ! Pls Come Again".

Thinking that is true ,I handed over the torn coupon to one of the ladies so that she can "keep her commissions".

The other lady then ask me if I can also help her to tear her coupon too. So I kindly accepted since I can't bear to see them standing there so long and she is very enthusiastic abouth her offer.
This time round I really "won" some great prizes like Mattress , TV and some electronic HiFi sets!

Thinking that I really won, I ask them where and how can I collect thses prizes as I lived in Singapore and its not easy to deliver these items home.

They told me i can just walk over to a place opposite this mall to collect my prizes.

Only then did I realised that it could be a similar scratch and win scam that i read in the Straits Times and the Channel 8 news. I declined their offer as I told them I need to do my shopping and carry on with some work.

They left me alone after much persuasions failed and I "fled" quickly.
Otherwise I will be at lest RM$3,500 poorer that day. ;(

*Note: they usually operate near the entrance of the City Square mall , after the pedestrian bridge from the Customs and Immigration Quarantine Complex (CIQ) .

CIQ : Customs and Immigration Quarantine Complex

Front entrance of City Square Mall after exiting from the bridge of CIQ

 Cheating cases in the newspapers
  • Elderly lady cheated in Scratch-and-Win scam at City Square, Johor. Dated: 4 May 2011. See link

the bridge linking City Square Mall to Jalan Wong Ah Fook Road
I was almost cheated at the rear entrance on the bridge


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Beauty Diy With Judy Lim At Jurong Point 24 to 25 June 2011

Beauty Diy With Judy Lim
Venue: Jurong Point
Date: 24 June 2011 , 530pm  (Friday)
Date: 25 June 2011 ,     6pm  (Saturday)

Owl Warehouse Sale 25 to 26 June 2011

Event: Owl Warehouse Sale
  • Dates: 2 and 26 June 2011 (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Times: 11am to 6pm
  • Venue: 37, Chin Bee Crescent, Jurong Town , Spore' (619903)
  • Somewhere opposite Lakeside Primary School
  • Bus Numbers: 30, 79, 98, 178, 246
  • click to enlarge: Owl
    Warehouse Sale ad
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apply for faster MACS Malaysian Automated Clearance System

No More White Card...
No More Stamping...
No More Long Queues...
How Happy Am I  :)

Malaysian Automated Clearance System , in short MACS is a faster clearance alternative for those of us who likes to go into Malaysian for shopping or work.

I just paid an annual fee of RM$30 for faster clearance into Malaysia from today onwards!

Basically almost any Singaporean who wants to travel into Malaysia can apply.
Saw quite handful of few Ah Peks and Aunties appling for MACS yesterday!

Note: Now you do NOT need to be a business owner or a frequent traveller to qualify for MACS.

How to apply one for yourself?
Some basic simple steps that I took:
  1. Apply at the office on the 2nd floor of Bangunan Sultan Iskandar building (after alighting from SBS bus 160/170 , take escalator to 2nd floor, enter the office on your right )
  2. Smile at the last counter counter friendly staff. She'll direct you to fill out your "white card" and proceed to either MACS Lanes 17 or 18 to have your passport "stamped" for the one last time and come back to fill up the MACS form again.
  3. Fill up the MACS application form and submit your passport with your handsome or beautiful photo to the last counter on the right. (except that you can keep the other portion of the filled up "white card" with the dated stamp on it)
  4. Wait for about 15 minutes for the friendly staff to process your application and the payment counter staff on the left 1st counter will call out your name to make payment of RM$30.
  5. After collecting your receipt, wait for another 10 minutes to collect your passport with the new electronic MACS card attached to one of your empty page in your passport!
Note: waiting time is subject to the number applicants. My wait is considered relatively short becos' there is only less than 10 persons there, on a Monday noon 1pm

Click pictures below to enlarge:
    1) Proceed to the last counter on your far right to collect MACS application form (next to the standing banner) .
    Thereafter, the staff will inform you to fill up your "white card" and direct you to go Lanes 17/18 and have your passport "stamped" for the LAST time!
    2) Fill up the MACS application form and submit it with 1 of your handsome passport-size photograph
    Note: keep the other portion of your white card - my "stamp" is dated 20 JUN 2011
    3) After making payment 15 mins later at the 1st counter on the left most, the staff will issue you an official receipt in Bahasa Malay language - RM$30
    4) Collect your passport withte new electronic MACS card printed onto your passport.
    Pls check everything is okay before leaving
    Note: This sticker contains electronic devide - Please handle with care 

MACS – Singaporean frequent travelers can submit the completed application form at respective MACS One Stop Center as below:-

The opening hours :    24 hours ( Everyday )
If you are entering from Woodlands Checkpoint
Pejabat Imigresen Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, Johor Bahru
Jalan Lingkaran Dalam
Aras 3 Utara
80300 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
Tel No: +607-2182424
Fax No: +607-2234233
If you are entering from Tuas Checkpoint
Pejabat Imigresen Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar
343, Jalan Bukit Kuching
81560 Tanjung Kupang
Johor, Malaysia
Tel No    : +607-5133040
Fax No: +607-5133057
Official website:


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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blood Red Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on 16 June 2011 3am Singapore

Science Centre's all-night party to see blood-red moon

SINGAPOREANS will get to see a rare sight early on 16 June 2011 Thursday 3am morning: A blood-red moon.
The phenomenon is known as a total lunar eclipse, when the moon is completely hidden by the Earth's shadow.

The red light is caused by the Earth blocking the sun from the moon, so only red light from the sun reaches the moon's surface.The blood moon can be seen by the naked eye and does not require telescopes.

To celebrate the occurrence, the Science Centre is having an all-night party.
The free event will start at 11.30pm and feature outdoor movie screenings (Avatar, Transformers I & II),
talks by astronomy experts and telescopes to see the moon and other planets up close.

Updated list of astronomical events in Singapore

SKYTRACK - A Diary of Astronomical Events 2011

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lost Animals and Pets Announcements In Singapore


Fluffy looking Shi Tzu named Dora  who is under life time medication
missing in Woodlands Blk 763 on 9 June 2011 !

Jack Rusell Terrier named Dune
Lost near Mount Pleasant Road

White Male Long-Legged Jack Rusell named Buggie
Brown Black patch on his right eye, scared of thunder, lighting and rain.
Lost near Lentor area on 4 April 2011 abt 2pm

Yokeshire Terrier named NaNa
color : steel blue/ tan with Microchip No:  982009 100623 663
Lost near Serangoon Garden Way (near St Peter's Church)  on 14 April 2011 8:15am

Male Pomeranian/ Chihuahua mixed named Pui Pui  (pronunced as 'phew phew').
Light brown-white with white traingular patch on forehead. Wearing black body harness
Microchip No: 702198 100003 302  Urgently need medication!
Last Seen at Jurong East Central, Blk 241 on 28 April 2011


White Persian Cat
Lost @ Bukit Batok East Ave 4 ,Blk 266
around May / June 2011

Sick and Needs Immediate Medication!
Willing to Give Reward

Call 9766 2278 !

Friendly community cat named Black or Handsome.
Wearing light green collar.
Lost at Blk 336, Woodlands Ave 1 on 25 April 2011 Monday

mixed breed brown male cat
(with lesh and wearing red collar when it ran away)
Lost near 6th Avenue ave, Chatsworth Road on 29 April 2011

Female Cat with light pink colar
lost near Queensway on 4 May 2011


Love Bird named "Baby" lost on 19 June 2011 @ Jurong West St 91 , Blk 940
Her feather friends and onwer all missed her.
Reward $100 , pls call owner in poster above.
1 year old Cockatiel named Baby Boy flew off on 3 May 2011!
Yellow and White (with black spots on the wings)
Can Whistle well!

Lost @ Yishun Ring Road, Blk 141 (opposite Chong Pang CC)

Owner missed Baby Boy terribly! can't sleep n eat well
Call Michael Ng @ 9728 8366  Or 6758 8706

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tablet like iPad Comes In Handy When You Are Stuck In A Situation or Traffic Jam

This will be your saviour when you are stuck in a situation or traffic jam.

Boredoom, girlfriend/spouse demanding an answer from you,traffic jam at checkpoints, boring lectures in campus ,etc...VIDEO Demo on the use of a tablet:

Sandisk Thumb Drive Found in NTU Chinese Library

Sandisk Thumb Drive Found Venue:NTU Chinese Library
Location: CH004 Pc Terminal
Date: 7 June 2011 (Tuesday 835am)

Pls proceed to the Reception Counter of
the Chinese Library in NTU to collect your item.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Police Ad Do Not Leave Your Valuables Unattended

There are sticker ads from the Police of Singapore pasted on tables of tables of NTU.
The messages are to remind students not to leave their laptops or belongings on the table unattanded.

However, sadly noticed some students did not see the messages leaving their laptops unattended.

laptops leaft on the table unattanded at South Spine!

laptop left on a table in North Sphine partially attended by a man nearby

Korean Tappan Fish Set Meal At NTU Broadway Canteen

Its lunch again! What about a Tappan Fish Set Meal @ NTU Broadway Canteen
(near to Lee Wee Nam Library).  Only at SGD$3 per set.

If only the meal comes with soup will be good but Alas! I had to buy myself a cup
of Avocado Juice which costs me another S$1.80/=  (less ice - add S$0.20)

click images below to enlarge
Korean Tappan Fish Set Meal @ SGD$3.00 only!
Comes with a bowl of rice, fish and small plate of kimchi
(next to Lee Wee Nee Library, Nanyang Technological University)

Lots of seats in Broadway Canteen , NTU
plus 3 to 4 LCD TV to view cable vision

Avocado Juice at S$1.80 @ the drinks stall in Broadway Canteen
(next to Lee Wee Nam Library, Nanyang Technological University)

  1. Location:  NTU Canteen B, Nanyang Technological University South Sphine, Level Basement 4
  2. Transport: Take SBS 179 from Boon Lay Bus Interchange/ MRT and alight at Innovation Center which is 4 stops away from  Lee Wee Nam Library.  Keep right and walk up the slope to Canteen B (only about 4 mins journey)
  3. If you are driving, park at Nanyang Business School Blk S3 and walk up Nanyang Ave to Canteen B!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hor Fun at #01-149 Kee Hiang Boon Lay Hawker Food Stall

Ever since the chef was changed , i kept going back to the hor Fun stall below.
For faster service, the hot gravy is poured onto the already prepared & cooked Kway Tiao (noddle).

Video of Hor Fun at #01-149 Kee Hiang Boon Lay Hawker Food Stall

SGD$3.00 per plate.
2 Prawns, some vegetables, pork and lots of cooked noddle & hot hor fun gravy

Boon Lay Hawker Center #01-149
inner section, opp the boon lay shopping center