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Friday, April 8, 2011

Sg Thief Market Sungei Road Along Jalan Besar

Thieves' Market
Just been here recently and found a lot of things being sold here at this open-market stalls here you can find almost anything from cds, watches, bags to army equipments (mostly used items). Nearest Mrt is Bugis whichis about 10 mins walk and some buses that ply along this Jalan Besar are:  SBS 64,65,130,139,147 and TIBs 857. The nearest landmark building to this thief market is Sim Lim Tower and Sim Lim Square.  
How Thief Market Got Its Name?
After the war, Sungei Road and its surrounding roads became a flea market better known as the Thieves' Market, because all sorts of second-hand merchandise as well as contraband goods were sold here. Also, the peddlers known locally as karung guni man ("rag and bone man" in Malay), that one buys from today, may not be there tomorrow. There are no receipts, so refunds are impossible. Until the British Army withdrawal in the late 1960s, it was also a place to buy army merchandise like uniforms, army gear and other army surplus, possibly looted earlier from British military stores. The open air market soon acquired a bad reputation as the major dissemination venue for stolen goods that would last to the present day. If an item was "lost" recently, one can try their luck in looking for it at the Thieves' Market, and buying it back from the sellers who will always claim no knowledge of its source. (More ...)

See pix and video below:

Buses to Sungei Road. Next to Sim Lim tower

Beware of pickpockets at Thief Market here.

lots of mostly used items and merchandise for sale here!

congested Jalan Besar Road

Sim Lim Tower in the background

Pasar Lane

Vehicles parking along the lanes of thief market

Cars waiting for traffic lights to turn green @ Jalan Besar

Sim Lim Tower, nearest MRT is Bugis which is about 10 mins walk

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