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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Eat Goreng Pisang at Tanjong Pagar Railway Station before Relocate on 1st July 2011

I jus had my wonderful food memories before the Tangjong Pagar Railway Station relocates on 1st Jul 2011 (see news in Channelnews Asia).

Heard from one of the station staff that the food stalls gonna move out before 20th June.

I bought my $13 KTM Train ticket before 1130am, its leaving at 1pm but the pasengers have to check in 30mins ealier at 1230noon.

I have another 1hour to spare, so i thgt why not grab some finger food before the train comes. I checked out the food stalls at the Railway station and finally decided to take some light food, as anyway I gonna have a big feast in City Square in Johor Bahru which I did so in Kenny Rogers.

To be continued ...

click images to enlarge
  • Goreng Pisang (fried bananas) at S$0.40 /pc
  • Sardine Puff at S$0.50 / pc

Goreng Pisang (S$0.40) and Sadine Puff (S$0.50)
Teh Ice at S$1.20 / cup
this is the stall where i got my goreng pisang and sardine puff
(the last stall near the wall clock)

Price List of Drinks

drinks stall front, lady seemed a bit shocked at being taken on camera

checking out some of the food stalls jus before lunctime crowd

KTM Train Fares
travelling between Singapore Tanjong Pagar Train Station and City Sqaure Mall in Johor Malaysia

Shutter Bugs ! ! !   cameras big n small of all makes comes toghtr
can't wait to capture the last memories of the station before it relocate on 1st jul 2011!

finally got my train ticket which costs me S$13.00 for a one-way train no. S11, leaving at 1pm
(must be there 30mins before departure)

relocation notice 1st Jul 2011

LCD Tv and ample leg room in one of the KTM train cabin

wanna a nice meal facing the railway station?
more like its for smokers and chatters corner, lol

why not go for your meal while waiting at Tanjong Pagar Station ?

last-minute kacang and drinks push-cart before train departs at 1pm (Singapore time)

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