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Monday, August 8, 2011

Flyers Distribution Popular Form of Advertising in Singapore

Flyers Distribution

Flyers have always been a popular form of advertising tool for many business and service providers in Singapore. These flyers come in many designs and sizes, with the majority in A5 size which is half of A4.  (A5 is 148mm × 210mm)

More than 80% of the flyer ads are from property agents. These service providers furiously advertise their services through printed copies of their messages, very often including a picture of their friendly faces. One of my business associate explained to me that property agents advertise in this manner probably because they are mainly service providers and have to portray a positive image to their clients. In order to display such images, they have to show their faces in their advertisements, be it in newspapers, magazines or flyers.

Forms of Distributing

Flyers are usually being inserted into letter boxes or sometimes gates of every HDB flats. They called it door to door distribution. Nowadays, you can observe flyers being posted on notice boards of crowded places like Hdb estates, outside Mrts stations and Cold Storages or NTUC Finest super marts.

Occasionally if you are observant, mini ads are being posted on pillars of lift lobby and bus stops in Singapore. I have neighbors who will faithfully cycle around Jurong to stick their rental ads at bus stops. 

Environmental Concern

In conclusion, the flyers remain the most direct form of communication between advertisers and consumers. However, it is a serious environmental concern as these flyers are often being thrown into trash bins , only a few will retain these flyers to read or recycle for other means.

We do hope that in order to reduce wastages, costs and increase readership suggestion given is to post on online classified ads, newspaper and notice boards.

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                            Flyers being discarded on the floor and ledges of Hdb letter boxes.

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