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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Design a Flyer Using Microsoft Words

You can start to design a flyer at home using Microsoft Words.

Here are some basic steps to design a commercial flyer using Microsoft Words 2007 (same concept for Words 97-2003 too)

For enquiry, you can contact me at 9066 0350.  

1st step:  insert a text box into your blank document.
(text box is to enable moving your picture easier later on)

 2nd step:  insert a picture from your computer into the text box you have just created.

3rd step:  this example i have chosen to insert a picture of my company logo from one of my folder named AdvBiz Pics For Classifieds

4th step:  once picture is inserted into the text box , you can freely move the picture within text box around by "left-click & hold" your mouse to the positions you desire. 

Next u can also insert another text box below it to include your ads.

5th step:  make the text box "invisible" by double left-click it Shape Outline> No Outline. 
The outlines of text box will be gone and hence the picture looks as if it is alone.

6th step:  start moving the single picture by left-click and holding your mouse to the place you want the picture to stay.

8th step: insert a Triangle by going to Insert > Shapes > drop down menu look for Basic Shape: Triangle

9th step:  you can rotate the Triangle and fill it with color. Place it in the top left-hand corner or anywhere you think its nice.

10th step:  to make the flyer nicer, you can also insert a Word Art. 

11th step: after typing in the Word Art, it will appear on the top of your document

These are just some basic steps to designing a flyer using Microsoft Words. Hope you enjoy this blog.

If you have any design flyer enquiry, you can contact me at 9066 0350.

Thank you for your time.

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