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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bed Bug Smoke Canister

Bed Bug Smoke Canister
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Operating Instructions of bed bug smoke canister


Diagram instructions

 Items inside the plastic box

  • Initiator     (white bag)
  • Round tin  (in aluminum package)

Round Tin 

Bag of liquid outside the bed bug smoke canister

Instructions steps to operate bed bug smoke canister

Tear open the white bag 
Pour the contents of pink liquid into the empty plastic container

Make sure the holes on top of the round tin are 'poked' before inserting into plastic container

Insert the round tin with the holes of the red paper facing upwards into the plastic container filled with pink liquid

Close the plastic container with the cover
(warning: chemical reaction is now taking place, and container is getting hot!)

After around 2 minutes, round tin will emit thick white smoke from the plastic container 
(warning:  Do not touch ! Container is now HOT!)

Leave the room immediately and close the door behind you
(warning:  container will be hot!)

Come back only 2 hours later.

Ventilate the room for 30 minutes before re-enter.

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