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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Watson Sale 6 to 12 Sept 2012

Watsons Big Brand Sale 
1 Week Special Sale 
Now till 12 Sept 2012 


PHYTO Shampoo Assorted 200ml: 3 for $68  (UP $38 each)

NEUTROGENA Hydroboost Night Concentrate 50ml: $18.15 (UP $25.90)

NEUTROGENA Fine Fairness Mask 1's: 5 for $8.50 (UP $2 each)

BRAND's Innershine Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract 6's x 50ml + Gift: $23.50 (UP $24.90)


PEARLIE WHITE Fluorinze Alcohol Free Mouthrinse 750ml + 500ml Pack: $7.50 (UP $13.50)

DETTOL Shower Gel (Assorted) 950ml: 2 for $14.50 (UP $9.90 each)
FREE Dettol Wipes worth $3.40

LAURIER Safety Comfort Night Slim Wing 16's x 30cm Twin Pack: $8.40 (NEW)

OLAY White Radiance Cellucent Essence 150ml: $37.40 (UP $49.90)

CENTRUM 100's/ Silver 100's : $48-$55.10 (UP $50.60-$58)

ANGRY BIRDS SPACE Ear Phone : $9.90  (available in 5 designs)

ANGRY BIRDS SPACE iPhone Charger: $19.90

RIBENA Berry Drink 500ml : 2 for $2.20 (UP $1.70 each)

ALCON Tears Naturale Free 32's: 2 for $28.50 (UP $19.10 each)

EGO QV Wash 1L Banded with 500ml : $33.90 (UP $45.40)

SENSODYNE Toothpaste Whitening/ Freshmint 120g/ Gum Care/ Total Care 100g : $5 (UP $6.90-$7.75)

Selected products from below brands:

Bourjois, K-Palette, KATE, Loreal Paris Cosmetics, Revlon, Sally Hansen, SilkyGirl, Za, AquaLabel, Bio-Essence, Loreal Dermic Expertise,Radan & Fields Proactiv Solution, Banana Boat, Fruit of the Earth, NeoStrata, Rosken Skin Repair, Herbal Essences, Pantene, TSUBAKI, Kotex, Vagisil, DARLIE, Dentiste night time toothpaste, Pearlie White, POLIDENT, BLACKMORES, Durex, EBENE, FUTORO, GreenLife, holista Take it for Life!, Holistic Way, Kordel's, Ocean HEALTH,Scholl, Shaklee & Tiger Balm.

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