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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Ways to Advertise Yr Flyers | Door Door | Notice Board

Ways of Advertising via printed Flyers

Flyers distribution in Singapore comes in many ways and the results varies with each distribution method.

Many of my customers wanted their flyers to be pasted on notice boards, as the exposure could have lasted longer since their flyers cannnot be thrown away.

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See the description of each flyers distribution method below.

Door to Door Flyers

Distribute flyers to each Hdb flat or Landed homes. This seems to be one of  the most popular form of advertising for many property agents as they are in the business of selling and renting homes. Hence, the best way is to pass their flyers to direct customer at their residence.

Examples: renovation firms, wall painter, tutoring, property, plumbling services.

Door to door flyers distribution at a HDB Flat

Advantage of door to door flyer

Guranteed each house will receive a flyer at their gate.

Wide coverage of customers in a targeted area in short time.

Disadvantage of door to door flyer

Not many will keep the flyer if the content do not relate to them.

Might recieve complaints from resident if the contents offended them.

Notice Boards

Flyers are pasted onto notice boards using double-sided tape or water-based glue. The notice board usually can keep up to six A4 size posters or twelve A5 size ads.


This method of advertising is suitable for my clients who are in the business of home tutoring, piano lessons, health products, property agents, etc.

Notice Boards below a HDB block

Advantage of notice board ads

Your ads are read by those who are interested in your ad.

Your flyer ad cannot be thrown away by customer as it is not handed to them.

No customer complaints

Disadvantage of notice board ads

Occasionally ad is removed by business competitors or residents who dislike your ad.

No actual figure of your flyer will be read by how many prospects.

Street Flyers

Flyers are handed out to passers-by along a street or outside a shopping mall. This is usually done at areas where human traffic is high along a walkway or on a particular occasion. Your message is intended for the group of people gathering or passing by that area.

Example: food and beverage business near the vicinity, private educational firms.

Advantage of street flyers

Targeted advertising to your intended group of customers.

Only those who want to read will take your flyer.

Disadvantage of street flyers

Long hours to distribute flyers.

Flyers thrown away due to no interest after collecting flyer.

Flyer distribution for a client outside Tekka Market during Thaipusam Day on 7 Feb 2012


Tourists on Rickshaw ride along Little India during Thaipusam day on 7 Feb 2012

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