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Friday, June 24, 2011

Say No to Scratch and Win Scams Near City Square Mall

Despite banners warning commuters of scams been installed at City Square Mall (Johor) for quite sometime but there're still people, especially Singaporeans fallen for these Scratch and Win scams .

banners put up to warn of "scratch and win" scams near the CIQ

banner put up to warn of "scratch and win" scams near the bridge at Jalan Wong Ah Fook

I was almost a victim of such a scam when I was approached by two bubbly and slightly obese enthusiastic Malaysian ladies after my lunch at Jalan Wong Ah Fook last month.

Scammers operating at the bridge at the other exit of City Square Mall to Jalan Wong Ah Fook
(sample picture only, the persons in this picture are not the scammers)

They requested if I can help them to "tear away" their coupons as there's an ongoing electroncis exhibition fair promotion at the ground floor below and i stand to win some great prizes back home.

The 2 ladies have stood here very long for someone like myself  to come by and tear so that they can collect their commisions if I do not want to keep the coupons.

As expected the prize I've got is something like "Thank You ! Pls Come Again".

Thinking that is true ,I handed over the torn coupon to one of the ladies so that she can "keep her commissions".

The other lady then ask me if I can also help her to tear her coupon too. So I kindly accepted since I can't bear to see them standing there so long and she is very enthusiastic abouth her offer.
This time round I really "won" some great prizes like Mattress , TV and some electronic HiFi sets!

Thinking that I really won, I ask them where and how can I collect thses prizes as I lived in Singapore and its not easy to deliver these items home.

They told me i can just walk over to a place opposite this mall to collect my prizes.

Only then did I realised that it could be a similar scratch and win scam that i read in the Straits Times and the Channel 8 news. I declined their offer as I told them I need to do my shopping and carry on with some work.

They left me alone after much persuasions failed and I "fled" quickly.
Otherwise I will be at lest RM$3,500 poorer that day. ;(

*Note: they usually operate near the entrance of the City Square mall , after the pedestrian bridge from the Customs and Immigration Quarantine Complex (CIQ) .

CIQ : Customs and Immigration Quarantine Complex

Front entrance of City Square Mall after exiting from the bridge of CIQ

 Cheating cases in the newspapers
  • Elderly lady cheated in Scratch-and-Win scam at City Square, Johor. Dated: 4 May 2011. See link

the bridge linking City Square Mall to Jalan Wong Ah Fook Road
I was almost cheated at the rear entrance on the bridge


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