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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Apply for faster MACS Malaysian Automated Clearance System

No More White Card...
No More Stamping...
No More Long Queues...
How Happy Am I  :)

Malaysian Automated Clearance System , in short MACS is a faster clearance alternative for those of us who likes to go into Malaysian for shopping or work.

I just paid an annual fee of RM$30 for faster clearance into Malaysia from today onwards!

Basically almost any Singaporean who wants to travel into Malaysia can apply.
Saw quite handful of few Ah Peks and Aunties appling for MACS yesterday!

Note: Now you do NOT need to be a business owner or a frequent traveller to qualify for MACS.

How to apply one for yourself?
Some basic simple steps that I took:
  1. Apply at the office on the 2nd floor of Bangunan Sultan Iskandar building (after alighting from SBS bus 160/170 , take escalator to 2nd floor, enter the office on your right )
  2. Smile at the last counter counter friendly staff. She'll direct you to fill out your "white card" and proceed to either MACS Lanes 17 or 18 to have your passport "stamped" for the one last time and come back to fill up the MACS form again.
  3. Fill up the MACS application form and submit your passport with your handsome or beautiful photo to the last counter on the right. (except that you can keep the other portion of the filled up "white card" with the dated stamp on it)
  4. Wait for about 15 minutes for the friendly staff to process your application and the payment counter staff on the left 1st counter will call out your name to make payment of RM$30.
  5. After collecting your receipt, wait for another 10 minutes to collect your passport with the new electronic MACS card attached to one of your empty page in your passport!
Note: waiting time is subject to the number applicants. My wait is considered relatively short becos' there is only less than 10 persons there, on a Monday noon 1pm

Click pictures below to enlarge:
    1) Proceed to the last counter on your far right to collect MACS application form (next to the standing banner) .
    Thereafter, the staff will inform you to fill up your "white card" and direct you to go Lanes 17/18 and have your passport "stamped" for the LAST time!
    2) Fill up the MACS application form and submit it with 1 of your handsome passport-size photograph
    Note: keep the other portion of your white card - my "stamp" is dated 20 JUN 2011
    3) After making payment 15 mins later at the 1st counter on the left most, the staff will issue you an official receipt in Bahasa Malay language - RM$30
    4) Collect your passport withte new electronic MACS card printed onto your passport.
    Pls check everything is okay before leaving
    Note: This sticker contains electronic devide - Please handle with care 

MACS – Singaporean frequent travelers can submit the completed application form at respective MACS One Stop Center as below:-

The opening hours :    24 hours ( Everyday )
If you are entering from Woodlands Checkpoint
Pejabat Imigresen Bangunan Sultan Iskandar, Johor Bahru
Jalan Lingkaran Dalam
Aras 3 Utara
80300 Johor Bahru
Johor, Malaysia
Tel No: +607-2182424
Fax No: +607-2234233
If you are entering from Tuas Checkpoint
Pejabat Imigresen Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar
343, Jalan Bukit Kuching
81560 Tanjung Kupang
Johor, Malaysia
Tel No    : +607-5133040
Fax No: +607-5133057
Official website:


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