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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Blood Red Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on 16 June 2011 3am Singapore

Science Centre's all-night party to see blood-red moon

SINGAPOREANS will get to see a rare sight early on 16 June 2011 Thursday 3am morning: A blood-red moon.
The phenomenon is known as a total lunar eclipse, when the moon is completely hidden by the Earth's shadow.

The red light is caused by the Earth blocking the sun from the moon, so only red light from the sun reaches the moon's surface.The blood moon can be seen by the naked eye and does not require telescopes.

To celebrate the occurrence, the Science Centre is having an all-night party.
The free event will start at 11.30pm and feature outdoor movie screenings (Avatar, Transformers I & II),
talks by astronomy experts and telescopes to see the moon and other planets up close.

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