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Friday, August 10, 2012

33 Creative Advertisements

You might have seen many advertisements at bus stops  or when you are reading the local newspapers. Most of the ads are normal, but there are some cool creative advertisements which would make you want to look again. 

To come up with Creative advertisements , the designer must be innovative enough to captivates the attention of the reader. 

In this post , I have posted some of the best creative adverts which could make you imagine. These adverts are from  categories like technology, food, environmental , sports, etc

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3M Window Advertisement
Cash in a see-through 3M Glass 

Naval Museum Advertisement
Naval Museum

Postal Services Advertisement
send loved ones with a letter

Correction Fluid Advertisement
blanko ad

Fedex Advertisement
this is good , shoot down another competitor with this ad

Fitness Centre Advertisement
fitness bag

Stationary Advertisement

Telescope Advertisement
notice the words on the American flag ?

Postal Service Advertisement
design your own postage stamps

WWF Advertisement
don't cut the rain forest

Arena Swim Wear Advertisement
swim faster than sharks with Arena's swim gear 

Asics Advertisement
NYC is my running partner

Job Portal Advertisement
finding the right job

Audi Car Seat Advertisement
Audi car seats in a cinema

Burger King Advertisement
Burger King Real Big Burger!

Concrete Advertisement
fast drying concrete cemex

Zoo Advertisement
Zoo snake wrap around the bus

Anti Smoking Advertisement
Fight Smoking

Coffee Advertisement
Coffee smoke from a man hole

Friends of the Earth Advertisement
Protect the environment message

Shaver Advertisement
I liked this Shaver Ad.

Google Map Advertisement
Google map advertise at a bus stop shelter

Recycle Advertisement
Rubbish truck? look carefully

Scotch Tape Advertisement
Scotch Tape

Star Walk - Camera Ad?

Nikon Advertisement

Nail Polish Advertisement
Nail Polish

Paper MateAdvertisement
Papermate Ultra Fine - wow!

RSPCA Advertisement
Show us some love & we will return the favor

Insecticide Advertisement
Insecticide so effective that made the frog jobless

Duck Advertisement?
holding the duck neck?

Timotei Hair Care Advertisement
~ Nice hair ~

Car Advertisement

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