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Friday, August 3, 2012

Recruiting in Singapore

To recruit suitable candidates for your job position takes time and incur expenses. A portion of expense will be spent on advertisements and time to sift out suitable candidates calling in. 

Not all who call in will be suitable employees for the job advertised.  Many who called saw the ads just want to try to seek a job interview  for the positions offered. Some who are not entirely qualified for the job may want to call in to enquire and check if they qualify for the job. Better still, you may also receive calls from tourists or short term visit pass holders looking for a job in Singapore.

Hence there is a need to advertise the job vacancy to as many people out there as possible. 

1 way is through posting your printed recruitment ad on notice boards. This method can attract callers to ask about the job openings or pass on the information to another job seeker once they see the ad. 

To post your recruit ad, pls call 9066 0350

Pictures of notice board ads:

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