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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Why Advertise Printed Ads on Notice Board

Many of you could be wondering why would one have the need to advertise their ad on notice boards when there is a abundance of advertising resources available, especially with the setup of many online classified ads sites? 

Well, there are some valid reasons why notice board ads are still popular today.

First there are many people who do not have access, do not know how to use, or find it difficult to make use of the internet and modern technology. 

I remembered a recent lady caller who lamented about her difficulty of posting an ad in the new electronic board and recalling about the good old days of posting printed ads in Cold Storage notice boards with much ease. Now she has to learn how to upload photos and write her ad in electronic form before submitting, she decided to give up the idea. 

Secondly, notice board ads are straight forward and easy to read for the eyes, making it faster for the reader to response to the ad.  

Thirdly, I notice there is one group of people who just go for the notice boards to look for rental, tuition, employment advertisements. They will stand behind the advertiser to see what kind of ads are being placed on the notice board.

Foreigners staying in Singapore cycle around just to hunt for that small piece of paper and call immediately to ask for accommodation when their tenancy agreement is about to expire or abruptly .  

Notice boards had become a popular hangout for both advertisers and buyers to come together for a common purpose. Its so easy to use and friendly for people to search for items they need.

However, I am not saying the internet or modern technology don't work for advertising. In fact internet is also one of the advertising tools people are employing. It's just if you want to capture more attention, then printed ads is another alternative for your services.

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