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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Post Ads in Singapore

Posting ads in Singapore is easy. There are many notice boards for you to post your ads flyers. Most of them are free for you to post your ads.

There are many people who do not use internet to search for information hence posting ads on notice boards is an alternative to capture the market of such crowd.

Before you post your ads, here are serveral pointers you might like to take note below.

Size of Ad
The ideal size of your ad is A5 so that you can easily find a space to stick onto the notice board.

Color of Ad
Use of bright color paper for your ad can make it stand out from the rest of the posted ads. The choice of color is especially important as there are many flyers posted on the notice board making it harder to catch the attention of passerby.

Before you post your ads, get ready a bottle of glue to stick on notice boards as most of them are metal or plastic base.
Examples Bus stops and Mrt notice boards.

Some notice boards require staplers as the base is made of wood.
Examples Jurong East

Why use glue to post your ad?
Use of glue can prevent people from tearing out your ad easily.
Another benefit of posting ads with glue is that your ad will not give way to wind easily.

Post Ad Service
If you require manpower to post your ads, can sms to 9066 0350 for posting service charges.

Flyers posted on a notice board in Singapore

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